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Surface Cladding Flims

3M™ Di-Noc Films – Wall and Ceiling Cladding

With more than 700 finishes, including over 200 new designs, 3M™ DI-Noc™ Wall and Ceiling Cladding offer a highly flexible collection of materials that conforms to flat or curved surfaces, providing unlimited design potential for architectural elements, doors, drawers, furniture and back-lit applications. The 3M™ Di-Noc is Class A fire retardant multi-layered film construction that includes an embossed over laminate.

3M™ Fasara – Glass Decorative Finishes

The Fasara range of designer glass films is the most premium offering in the world of glass decor. International designs and patterns make Fasara the most fashionable, dependable and popular choice for architectural requirements faced with inherently Indian constraints and the demand for lasting strength, reduced upkeep and a singular sense of style. Fasara’s high-tensile and flexible polyester film lends itself equally to indoor and outdoor applications.