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3M MRO Repair and Rework Products

We at Custom Wraps India, want to help you identify hardworking tapes and adhesives that can solve any number of maintenance and repair problems.

Find masking tapes that let you refresh painted surfaces more quickly, spray adhesives for carpet and furniture repair, and heavy duty sealants for more demanding exterior jobs.Our technical experts provide big solutions to small business challenges. Get samples, application advice and more for the 3M repair and rework products featured here.

3M Scotch 2228
3M Scotchfil Putty
3M Scotch 33+ Tape
35 Red
3M Scotch35 Red
3M Scotch70 Tape
3M Scotch35 Yellow
3M Alnox Tube
3M Scotch35 Blue
3M Scotch23 Tape
3M 1602R Insulating
3M1601 Insulating
Scotch 13 Semiconducting Tape
3M Insulating Sealer Clear
3M Comfort Grip Gloves
3M Zinc Spray 16-501
3M Conductor Cover Insulation
3M 1601 Sealer Clear
3M Anti Corrosion Spray