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3M™ Di-Noc Films – Wall and Ceiling Cladding

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With more than 700 finishes, including over 200 new designs, 3M™ Di-Noc™ Wall and Ceiling Cladding offer a highly flexible collection of materials that conforms to flat or curved surfaces, providing unlimited design potential for architectural elements, doors, drawers, furniture and back-lit applications. The 3M™ Di-Noc is Class A fire retardant multi-layered film construction that includes an embossed over laminate. Self-adhesive, with 3M™ patented Comply Air release adhesive technology offering wide range of patterns that reproduce visual appearance of Wood, Metals, Leather, Paint, Stucco, Stone, Weaves & a few special effects. It has consistent appearance over large areas, aesthetically appreciated specially while using Wood Grain & Fine Wood series. It is Versatile and can clad a range of commonly used substrates.


Easier to apply, direct on wall or partition boards

Light-weight material for ceilings, lifts, etc.


Continuous seamless cladding

Fire retardant

Environmentally safe

Easy to maintain