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FRP Poles

FRP Poles are constructed in accordance with the most stringent international specifications for durability, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, mechanical strength, longevity, and safety. Typically, fibreglass poles are 40 to 50 percent lighter than steel and wood poles, making them easier to install, handle, and operate. Utilizing a number of well selected resin systems

FRP Poles are designed to outlast traditional materials and give years of reliable service. Our

FRP lampposts can resist winds of up to 180 kilometres per hour. FRP Poles are created utilising a centrifugal casting technique with a resin content between 50 and 60 percent, resulting in excellent chemical resistance and a longer lifespan.
Our FRP Pole Manufacturing Process starts with the application of layers of glass fibre cloth to the inner wall of a rotating 800 RPM tubular mould, followed by the injection of catalysed liquid resin into the spinning mould. Centrifugal forces ensure that the reinforcing fibres are well saturated with resin and that the mould continues to spin while the resin cures, resulting in high-quality FRP Poles that are devoid of voids.

Here are some major benefits:
✓ Low transportation cost with ease of installation at a very cheaper cost.
✓ Zero Maintenance for FRP Lighting pole.
✓ Fire retardant properties make it ideal for electrical installations.
✓ Corrosion Resistance so it can provide long life & suitable for chemical zones and coastal areas.
✓ Saves humans life in case of road accidents.
✓ Safe (non-conductive electrically)
✓ Direct burial