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3M™ Prestige 70

If you are looking for something that can be used on inside surface of window and also save on energy and power bills, Prestige 70 is the answer. It is the topmost performing film in the world that rejects upto 97% of the heat thereby keeping your space cooler in summers. As it is a multilayer and metal free film based on nanotechnology and derive strength from being a strong flexible polyester film, they provide protection from injuries caused by glass fragments if broken.
3M™ Sun Control Window Films allow you to let the light in and keeps the heat causing damaging part at bay. This is the best collection of glass films you can get without changing the outer appearance of your home or office space.


The ultimate in high technology, offering clear film technology with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your home
Designed not to change the appearance of your home
Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70% of the visible light through your windows
Rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light coming through your windows
Reflectivity that’s actually lower than glass